Have you worn green contact lenses today?

Green contact lens series
Diameter: 14 mm
Water content: 38%
Base curve: 8.5 mm
Life span: one year
The colour is absolutely gorgeous. It's very similar to my other green lenses. They are large, and a dark green. Unfortunately I wanted it too be a light green, it was extremely dark on my eyes, But I do have Brown eyes. I think these lenses would look nicer on lighter eyes.

Shipping/service ❤️5/5
These came in like 3 days ! Awesome service too! They always reply to emails and texts~ they are extremely polite and will answer your questions and concerns!
Overall: 4.9/5 ❤️
Defiantly a fave for me! They are stunning and I love them so much! They are flexible and have a light weight feel.

Couldn't feel them at all. And didn't make my eyes dry out fast. I wore them for a whole day and almost forgot I had them in
Enlargement ❤️5/5
The size is 14 diameter so it's smaller. And on my brown eyes, they are a lot bigger then them. Giving you a very natural dolly look. It looked bigger then the actual diameter