How to Care for Your Contact Lens

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There are many benefits to contact lenses.  Whether you want to improve your eyesight with prescription lenses or make a fashion statement from colored contacts online, it is exciting to have brand-new lenses. 

However, the only way to enjoy your lens for long is to care for them.

We will discuss various tips on how to care for your contact lens below.

Cleaning Your Contact Lens 

Before you clean your contacts, make sure your hands are clean and sanitary.  Choose a scent-free, mild soap that does not leave residue on your hands.  You do not want residue or perfume to irritate your eyes.  Use a lint-free, clean towel when you dry your hands.

As there are different types of contacts, read the instructions on the package.  Follow the instructions if they recommend special cleaning products.  Never use saliva or tap water on your contacts.  Each lens should be clean and dry before you place them in your eyes, and before they are placed in a storage case.  


Storing Your Contacts

Use the appropriate lens case for storing your contact lens.  You may have received one when you purchased your contacts.  The case should be cleaned on a regular basis, and be allowed to dry before it is used.

If you will need to remove your contacts when you are away from home, take the lens case with you.  Never place contacts in your pocket or on other surfaces.  The contacts can pick up bacteria, and can also become scratched. 


Special Considerations for Contact Lenses

There are additional points to keep in mind when you want healthy eyes and contacts in good condition. 

  1. Never exchange your contact lens with another person. Don’t let your friends try on your contacts, and never try theirs. Lens should strictly be used by the owner.
  1. Certain conditions are not optimal for the use of contact lenses. If you plan to swim, or engage in sports or other physical activities, remove your contacts. You should also ensure you remove your eye lens when going to sleep at night.  Even if you have extended-wear lenses, it is better to not wear them while sleeping.
  1. Don't use a contact lens outside the recommended replacement time.
  1. A regular eye examination is necessary for maintaining good vision. Your eye doctor can advise how often you should have exams. 

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If you experience any problems from wearing contacts, make an appointment with an eye care specialist.  Whether you buy colored contacts online or have prescription contacts from your eye doctor, some people experience complications.  If your eyes become red, itchy, or irritated, visit a professional.

Additionally, women and girls who wear cosmetics need to take extra care.  Hair spray should be applied before you insert your contacts, but eye makeup should be applied afterward.  Lotions, creams, and scented skincare products should not be used near your eyes when you are wearing contacts.

Contact lenses are a wonderful accessory when you want to look stylish, and they are useful when you want better eyesight without wearing eyeglasses. 

Even though advancement in technology has made it easy to buy cheap colored contacts, you should still care for your contacts so that you can keep your lens free of scratches and harmful bacteria.  You will not need to replace contacts that become damaged or lost or take risks with your eye health.  When you care for your contact lens, wearing them will be an enjoyable experience.