Three Methods For Determining If Your Contact Lenses Are Inside Out

Learning to put contact lenses into your eyes is not difficult. However, figuring out if your contact lenses are inside out can be a bit trickier. That’s because contact lenses are thin and flexible, and can easily turn inside out. Sometimes, even those who’ve been wearing contacts for years have difficulty knowing if the lenses are correct.

Of course, putting your contacts on inside out causes discomfort, but doing that will not damage your eyes. That’s because contacts fit your eye’s surface. When inside out, they do not fit as well, however, they typically allow you to see just as well.

Some people do not notice their contacts are inside out until they’ve worn them for a while. Others notice right away. Some of the signs that you’ve put them in the wrong way include:

1. Taco Test

This is an older method many people used when soft contacts came to the general public. However, it is still popular today. That’s because it is easy to do. Here’s how.

1.Hold the contact with the tips of your thumb and forefinger.
2.Pinch the contact lens in half to form a taco shape.
3.Look at the edge of the contact. If the edge looks like a taco shell, then your contact is facing the correct way. On the other hand, if the shape resembles a soup spoon, it is inside out.

2. Side View


The simplest method to determine if your contacts are the correct way is to look at them from the side. To do this, follow these simple steps:

1.Place the contact lens on your fingertip. The edge should be facing up.
2.Hold your finger close to your eye.
3.Look at the shape of the contact. When it is correct, your contact lens will have the shape of a cup. The edges will curve upright. If your contact lens is inside out, it will have the shape of a rimmed bowl.
This method gets easier with experience. As you come to know what a correctly positioned contact looks like, you can easily spot one that is inside out.

3. The 1-2-3 Approach

Determining if your contacts are inside out is challenging. That’s why some manufacturers have worked to solve the issue. They did so by putting the numbers one through three somewhere on the lens.

If you have contacts with these markings, here is how to determine if your contact is inside out:

1.Put the contact lens on your fingertip.
2.Hold your finger close to a bright light.
3.Look for the 1-2-3 marks. Each manufacturer puts the numbers in a different place. The first time you use this method, you will have to search the lens thoroughly.
Once you find the numbers, see if they are in order. If they show 1-2-3, then your contact is correct. If the numbers are backward, then your contact is inside out.