Your color contact lens style guide

If you've ever thought about experimenting with your eye color, a color contact lens may be the perfect accessory for you. A colored lens allows you to temporarily change your eye color to either enhance or transform the appearance of your eyes.

How Color Contact Lenses Work

A color contact lens alters the part of your eye known as the iris. The iris determines how much light enters into your eye by controlling the size of your pupil.

You probably already know what the pupil is. It’s the black circle in the center of your eye, surrounded by your colored iris.

Color Contact Lens Variety

Now for the fun part: Deciding which color contact lens is best for you.

Color Contacts come in an abundance of hues. You’ll find natural colors like light blues, soft greens, and chocolate browns, as well as unique shades of violet, honey, and gray.

For a bolder option, you can also choose opaque tinted lenses.

Overall, with so many options as daily disposables, you can change your style as often as you like!

Choosing Your First Color Lenses
Choosing the right contact lens style for you depends on several factors.

Think about where you'll be wearing your lenses and the sort of occasions you'll be attending. If you require vision correction, then it’s likely you'll be wearing your lenses on a regular basis. If so, consider choosing a subtle shade that complements your natural eye color. That way, you can get the most out of your contacts.